Mail day!

Mail day!

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The Bouncing Souls -  Lean on Sheena

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you know there aint no street like home 

to make you feel so all alone  

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Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye



Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye

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I picked up Mario Kart 8 tonight. If any of yous have it, you should send me your friend code so we can race!

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Anonymous said: I just want the opinion of another dude, i like this guy but hes like 8 years older than me. as a 28 year old you would ever date a 20 year old?

I probably would; however my wife is only four years younger than me and she thinks I’m boring as fuck.

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Artist: Ninja Dolls

Song: Who Am I Fooling?

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Family - The Interrupters (feat Tim Armstrong)

bloody catching as fuck ska tune this

I’m kinda surprised I like this shit so much.

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The human is scratching at my door,

my morning papers got the scores,

the human interest stories, and the obituary… Oh yeah!

Cockroach naps and rattling traps,

how many devils can you fit upon a match head?,

carigosity killed the kerouac cat,

sometimes truth, is stranger than fiction!

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